October 5, 2014

TechnoSphere in The Independent

TechnoSphere was featured in the UK-based newspaper, The Independent, in 1995. Author Cooper James’ awed description of the TechnoSphere world can give you an idea of how unique this artificial life project was for its time. (Note his use of the term “World Wide Web,” we don’t hear that much these days!) “The World Wide Web, the graphically rich region of the Internet, is host to many weird and wonderful experiments. Few, however, are as intriguing as TechnoSphere, an attempt to create a world of computerized creatures that will live and die in a landscape created by the latest image-rendering …

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TechnoSphere in The Guardian

TechnoSphere was featured in The Guardian, a well-known newspaper in the UK, in 1995. Author Mike Holderness offered a neat explanation of how the project worked at that time: “A new, uninhabited planet opened for business on September 1. By mid-month it had been populated by 1,000 species. These beasties have now started interbreeding, eating (and being eaten), and evolving. On Planet Earth, conservationists have “adopted” a few of the cuddlier species. On Planet TechnoSphere, every species is adopted. What is more, they will send postcards back to their humans. You don’t get that kind of consideration from a whale.” Of …

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TechnoSphere in Wired

TechnoSphere was featured in Wired Magazine in 1995, and we think they described the project quite well! Check out the excerpt below: “If you’ve ever dreamed of building a new world on the digital frontier then perhaps TechnoSphere is for you. Here you can build not just the world, but also the creatures that inhabit it. Frankensteins-by-the-number can be created from the creature kit parts. The more ambitious can build baby from scratch with a 3-D modelling package. Turn Junior loose and then watch as it evolves, mutates, forages for food or, maybe gets tragically blown away by the digital …

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