We’re going to bring TechnoSphere back!


What's the plan?

We’ve been asked to bring TechnoSphere back many times. Now with significant developments in mobile technology, we think the time is right. We’ve done a lot of development and testing and we’re now out hunting for funding to re-launch a new version of TechnoSphere that will allow you to create your own creatures in 3D.

What we'll make first

First, we will develop an app that allows you to create your own creature in 3D and give it a distinctive look by choosing from cool new patterns and textures.

Next, we’ll create a feature that will allow you to see your creature in your world, in 3-D, using augmented reality.

We’ll then make the world more interactive so you can teach your creature to search for food, to follow a path that you draw and to look for water, using printed virtual object markers as a guide.

Long Term Goals

Once we create the basic applications, the sky’s the limit in terms of what new features we may introduce.

One of our ambitions is to introduce sensor data into the creature’s development. We could use gps data to let the creature respond to your location. If you are frequently at the gym, your creature might get fitter!

We’ve also experimented with developing 3-D models of creatures, to make them easy to 3-D print at home.

Ultimately, we hope to utilize community input to help us decide what features to introduce next! We’d love to hear from you if you have ideas, contact using the contact area of this site.

*The app will initially work on Android.

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