TechnoSphere in Wired

TechnoSphere was featured in Wired Magazine in 1995, and we think they described the project quite well! Check out the excerpt below: “If you’ve ever dreamed of building a new world on the digital frontier then perhaps TechnoSphere is for you. Here you can build not just the world, but also the creatures that inhabit it. Frankensteins-by-the-number can be created from the creature kit parts. The more ambitious can build baby from scratch with a 3-D modelling package. Turn Junior loose and then watch as it evolves, mutates, forages for food or, maybe gets tragically blown away by the digital …

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[draft] Press Page 1

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Welcome to our Press Room

Welcome. We are currently adding materials to the Press Room. Please come back again soon and contact us if you have any questions. From here you can access a range of materials that will you understand about the innovative series of augmented reality apps in the TechnoSphere family. Link to Introducing the TechnoSphere Team Link to the TechnoSphere Fact Sheet (PDF) Link to the press release: Revamped Tech-World Favourite TechnoSphere Crowdfunds for its Return

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