One of my beasties got Tom Jones pregnant!

One of my beasties got Tom Jones pregnant!

1990s TechnoSphere was about more than sex and death. Honest… But from the comments of our users you’d never know it!

G: “Maladict has turned into a lean mean killer sex machine.  So far he’s killed 5, fathered 2 and is currently pregnant as well *beams proudly.*  One of his kiddies is doing well too, killed 3 already.”

M: “well, Thingummy is preggers by smokie, who is a rather impressive daddy… 4 kids and 8 kills. 😀 my little girl(?) is growing up…~snif~”

B: “Erg!  One of my beasties got Tom Jones pregnant!”

C: “Tom Jones? That is evil … I don’t want to know how their children look. All my creatures have died of old age but two of them gave birth to some nice little children.”

J:”Allright! Who made Grignr???? He/she/it mated with my Zig!!”

F:”I wish I could claim responsiblity but… perhaps its for the best – parenthood might give Zig a new insight into the workings of the world.”

J:” Zig already has a couple of kids… But Grignr??? ACK! Who made it?”

C:”You think Grignr is bad??  Some creature named Slyvester Stallone knocked my callieb up.  Eeeew!”