Our next (hooved? wheeled? pod-like? electro-magnetic?) steps

Our next (hooved? wheeled? pod-like? electro-magnetic?) steps

The new creatures of TechnoSphere 2.0 are going away to gather under the shade of a virtual acacia tree and rethink their next (hooved? wheeled? pod-like? electro-magnetic?) steps.

We think that the AR and ALife development program broken into smaller steps with a fully functioning and tested Create app to begin with, may allow for more funding success in the near future.

It would also seem that there might just be a groundswell for 3D print and the physical to sit alongside the virtual, sooner rather than later.

These fun, magical and playful creatures want to exist! In our world and theirs! Watch this space. The creatures are on the move!

To our Kickstarter supporters, a massive THANK YOU. As we did not reach our goal (this time!), no money will exchange hands.

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