Introducing the TechnoSphere Team

Introducing the TechnoSphere Team

Meet the team that is bringing TechnoSphere back! Feel free to ask us anything or simply send us a love note here.


Mark Hurry / Lead Developer: I relocated to Fremantle from London 12 years ago for an adventure, and I have not been disappointed. I now get to wear shorts the majority of the year without getting strange looks. My passion is 3D computer graphics and I have been fortunate enough to work in this area for over 20 years, working on games and simulators. I had my own 3D computer graphics company in the UK and have been CTO of several companies in SE Asia and Perth, Western Australia.



Jane Prophet / Lead Creative, Digital Artist, Founder: I drew the first sketch and imagined the first creatures. I am a Fine Arts trained artist, with a full and successful art career in the field of New Media. I often work internationally with teams of tech types, scientists and makers.



David Richardson / Lead Finance and Business: I am a financier at heart and have worked for small start-ups as well as large corporates (e.g., Bank of Boston, Grant Thornton, Land Securities).  My skill set is derived from project and transaction management, accounting, business research and more broad based economics.  My entrepreneurial streak runs all the way back to university days at Dartmouth, where a friend of mine and I started a company that sold ski boots.



Natasha Carolan / Lead Research, 3D Print Guru: I am a maker and researcher who works with digital fabrication tools. As a product designer, I’ve been working with fabrication technologies since 2007, most notably at Makies, a toy and games start-up in London where I developed the retail and production facilities. On the research side, my work targets both the user experience (how to make 3D printing engaging, fun and creative!) as well as the services and products which support that experience.



Gordon Selley / Advisor: 

Along with Jane, I am one of the original founders of TechnoSphere.  I am a software engineer, with a specialized knowledge base in ALife, 3D Graphics, Game UI Development.


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