November 19, 2014

Press: Revamped Tech-World Favourite TechnoSphere Crowdfunds for its Return

  REVAMPED TECH-WORLD FAVOURITE TECHNOSPHERE CROWDFUNDS FOR ITS RETURN KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN LAUNCHES ON 19 NOVEMBER, SEEKS SUPPORT FOR GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 19 November, 2014   Media Only:; images available upon request. Kickstarter Campaign ( 19 November, 2014 – 24 December, 2014 Online: | |  #BringTSBack |     Originally launched in 1995, TechnoSphere was an artificial life environment online populated by thousands of user-created digital creatures. The creators are revamping the experience by merging real and artificial life for the first time on an Android app using augmented reality. When relaunched …

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